About Us


mindSET/DyalGeo is an energetic, science and technology oriented company specializing in Data Processing and Data Management.  Contact mindSET/DyalGeo to discuss how we can help your business achieve quality results on-time and on-budget.



Dyal Geophysical, Inc. and mindSET Seismic are expanding operations to other regions of the world.

Dyal Geophysical, Inc. now offers Outsourced Seismic Processing Staff for Data Processing companies as well as Dedicated Seismic Processing Centers for clients seeking on-site Seismic Processing expertise.

Dyal Geophysical, Inc. and mindSET Seismic partner together to provide Data Processing Services to the Oil & Gas Industry.  mindSET/DyalGeo acquires a 32-CPU Cluster and remote processing terminals for enhanced 2D and 3D Data Processing.