Data Processing - Seismic

Dyalgeo specializes in 2D and 3D Land & 2D Marine Processing, Resolution Enhancement - Bandwidth Extension, Quality Control Consultancy, Software Development and Training.

Our Seismic Data Processing services are provided with quality and accuracy in mind. We have stringent quality control guidelines in place to ensure optimal output.

Consultation helps our Oil & Gas customers lower their processing costs on high cost processing projects while Training helps interpreters better understand their processing issues and improve quality control. 


Resolution Enhancement

DyalGeo has developed in-house Resolution Enhancement software and specializes in Resolution Enhancement projects. The non-stationary, time varying nature of the seismic signals makes the wavelet transform domain the ideal domain to work in, as opposed to the Fourier domain.  Our Clarify technology makes use of wavelet transforms to improve your seismic resolution.   DyalGeo has experience on hundreds of 2D and 3D Stratigraphic and Structural projects within Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, Canada.


Project Management/Quality Control

Processing consultation can save you money. Some of the areas of consultation can reduce your processing costs directly while others can reduce your drilling risk indirectly. DyalGeo provides project management and quality control for complex projects. Complex projects require control by a team of specialists in order to minimize the need for reprocessing.

If you are interested in studying the deficiencies in acquisition and processing, then we can help. We provide analysis of contractor processing flows and products. The study of acquisition parameters can help you decide whether the survey needs to be reacquired or if you can get the same information by reprocessing an old survey.

View our Quality Control Products.


Software Development

DyalGeo/mindSET has developed proprietary plug-in tools to work with ProMAX/SeisSpace software.  DyalGeo has developed:

  • A proprietary display for rapid picking of tables, horizons, gates and first breaks.

  • The ability to convert 2D velocity functions to horizon based velocity functions.

  • The ability to pick velocity percentages from percentage velocity stacks

  • Update velocity functions with velocity percentage functions

  • Rolling window offset bins in a CMP gather


Types of Surveys

DyalGeo handles processing of 2D, 3D and 4D surveys and Land, Marine, Transition Zone, Permafrost and Mining Surveys. Processing of these surveys requires integration, investigation and iteration. Processing needs the integration of geoscience data, investigation of complex problems from various angles and iteration of processes to converge to the best solution.

DyalGeo processes structural and stratigraphic land projects from around the world. DyalGeo also handles conventional marine streamer, dual sensor OBC and well-site surveys. 

The transition zone surveys are multiple environment surveys. These surveys require different time corrections for different environments. DyalGeo is also familiar with the complications in the permafrost regions that vary from raypath distortions caused by the high velocity layers to the noise due to icebreaks.


Structural Processing

Structural datasets have some complex problems. They need careful examination of geometry problems, statics problems and velocity complications. They need understanding of velocity variations, datuming issues and the time response of the depth models. Horizons which are continuous in the depth domain may not be continuous in the time domain.

Considering the cost of drilling deep wells, better imaging and better understanding of the structure is highly desirable. Complex structure processing results in non-unique products. It is extremely difficult to duplicate processing results. The final product is highly influenced by choice of processing parameters , availability of special processing algorithms and the expertise of the person processing the data.


Stratigraphic Processing

Interpreters are being asked to provide answers which requires a better understanding of the information in the prestack data, though it is usually not requested by the interpreters. It becomes the responsibility of the data processor to work closely with the interpreters and convey the learnings from the prestack data for proper seismic interpretation.

The integration of geoscience data from the field to the interpretation is desirable for a higher degree of success. In the end, a match between the seismic and the synthetic seismograms should be used as a measure of  the quality of the controlled character processing.


Time & Depth Imaging

Todays software packages allow quick transformations of horizons and velocities from one domain to another. With these quick transformations, along with integration steps for depth migration, the time needed to complete time domain processing of any 2D line has been reduced to a few days.

Depth migrations can be performed in the similar time frame as the time domain processing. The reduction in time frame has resulted in the reduction of processing costs for depth migrations.


Dedicated Processing Centers

DyalGeo has the knowledge to setup a managed processing center for customers who require on-site expertise.  DyalGeo provides the staff, software and management for in-house processing and coordination with our customers on their complex seismic projects.  This reduces the need for your
organization to setup and manage specialized processing teams.


Contact DyalGeo to setup a meeting to discuss the benefits of having us host an on-site processing solution for your company.  DyalGeo can work within your facility to ensure that project status updates and project turnaround happen on your schedule.  This also reduces data security risks since your confidential data never leaves the company premises.  This solution gives you a dedicated team working for you on only your projects.


Outsourced Processing Staff

Todays global workplace allows for outsourced processing to reduce operation expenses.  DyalGeo is structured to leverage the knowledge, education and expertise of resources in low cost centers to provide these services to the Data Processing Industry.  Our experience and technical expertise can be utilized by companies looking to reduce their overhead. 

DyalGeo is focused on data security and has many options available to allow you to leverage a remote team.  All of your projects, processing and software remains within your control, while DyalGeo provides the staff to work  on your projects thus saving you the operational labour overhead.   Our outsourced staff are driven, focused,   and enthusiastic about working with your organization on your projects. 

Contact DyalGeo to learn how to utilize the outsourcing model within your organization. Outsourcing isn't only for helpdesk/IT or call-centers, let DyalGeo show you how your organization can benefit by outsourcing your processing staff to reduce your direct labour costs.




DyalGeo Hardware consists of:

  • 30 stateless processing stations

  • 48-CPU Server with 128 GB RAM

  • 32-CPU Server with 128 GB RAM

  • 9  4-CPU Servers with 4 GB RAM


DyalGeo Software consists of:

  • ProMAX (Halliburton/Landmark)

  • Globe Claritas (GNS Science)

  • In-house Resolution Enhancement Software


Training Services

DyalGeo offers 2D and 3D Land & 2D Marine Seismic Data processing training courses to Geophysicists, Geologists, Physicists, Mathematicians and Engineers.

Visit our Training Services page for Detailed Training Objectives and Training Dates.


Processing Courses:

  • 2D or 3D Land Seismic Data Processing training – 1 Week

  • 2D Marine Seismic Data Processing training – 1 Week

  • 2D or 3D OBC Seismic Data Processing training – 1 Week

  • 2D/3C Land or OBN Seismic Data Processing training – 1 Week


Processing QC Courses:

  • 2D or 3D Land Seismic Data Processing QC – 3 to 5 days

  • 2D or 3D OBC Seismic Data Processing QC – 3 to 5 days

  • 2D Marine Seismic Data Processing QC – 3 Days

  • 2D/3D – Land or OBC – Advanced Geometry QC – 2 Days

  • 2D/3C - OBN – Geometry QC – 1 Day

  • 2D/3D – Land – Refraction Statics QC – 2 Days

Please note: OBC and 2D/3C data processing courses are available only in Calgary for now. A small
piece of OBC or 2D/3C data must be supplied by the client one month before these courses.